Dorothy’s Testimonial

I needed a knee replacement, so in November 2018, I underwent one. After surgery, the pain was excruciating. I could see why people took their time scheduling this procedure.

I wanted to turn over in bed and couldn’t. Getting out of bed to use the toilet or get into a car was a very intense event. I couldn’t wait for my next oxycodone and ice. My knee was huge in size, and so I wore shorts all throught the winter. It was twice the size of my second knee replacement. PT went on forever it seemed. It was 3 or 4 months long and a horrible experience. Friends in my knee class were weeks ahead of me. They zipped through PT and were finished, while I kept on and on. My knee felt wobbly and unsafe. Pain continued, not like at first, but all the time. I went through gobs of pain meds. I was frankly a little nervous about that. So in 2018 near summertime, I sought help. Dr. Maish was the doctor I chose. He practiced in a town 20 minutes away from my first surgery. He came very highly recommended to me. I was hesitant to seek help but he made me fell very comfortable. He told me that the knee was painful second to instability. The ligaments needed improving.

So, I underwent the second knee replacement on Dec 5, 2018. I woke up from surgery expecting the worst pain in the universe. The day after surgery, I put my feet on the floor. My intention was to use the bathroom. The wasn’t as bad as expected. Better than before. The whole hospital experience was better. I knew right away in the hospital that it felt strong. I was able to get in and out of the car without crying.

At home, things went well. I went up the steps quickly. PT was fabulous.

I looked forward to it. In two weeks, I reached 90 degrees of bending. In six weeks, I reached 120 degrees.. I was dismissed from PT

I used my walker and cane minimally

Prescription medicine wasn’t my focus for help and to survive. I resumed activites at my normal gym. At six weeks I started walking a mile and a half daily whenever I could.

I have been very happy with my results. Dr. Maish made me whole again. I am very grateful to him and his care.