Pastor Ashe

Audree and I have been married for 55 years. Before going into full time ministry and founding a church, I was a senior level manager for four Fortune 100 companies. We moved eight times in ten years for promotion opportunities. I decided to start a church in Harrisburg, PA 30-years ago and retired on January 16, 2021.

My wife was first to meet Dr. Maish for a consultation for a hip replacement. Over the next eight years, we had combined five replacement surgeries; three hip and two knee, all done by Dr. Maish. It should be noted that these surgeries took place at three different hospitals; Hershey Medical, Hershey PA, Wellspan, York, PA and Geisinger, Danville, PA. We travelled to wherever Dr. Maish was serving. My last surgery was a hip replacement. Geisinger was not in my health insurance network, which resulted in us having to drive a long way and pay $3,200 out of pocket…Dr. Maish is worth whatever the cost. His wealth of knowledge, consultations, personal involvement, and his availability throughout the process leading up to and after the actual operations was incredible. I have one original hip left. If I should need surgery on it, I’ll be traveling to Greenville, NC.

SPECIAL NOTE: My 30 year old son was in a motorcycle accident and had hardware placed in the part of the leg remaining from his amputation. No one wanted to go in after ten years and remove the hardware. I asked Dr. Maish if he would be willing to meet with my son. He did! After running some tests, Dr. Maish agreed to remove the hardware. I know that there are many problems in Orthopedics that don’t have clear solutions. Dr. Maish has been raised up for such a time as this! Clearly, God gave Dr. Maish gifts, talents and an infectious passion for helping people to walk again…

Thank you Dr. Maish for being our friend.

Cliff & Audree